A Collaboration of Spirits

A Virtual June Solstice Retreat
Ted Blodgett, Debra Weisenburger Lipetz, Lisa Ferraro and Natalia Zukerman and Master Yuantong Liu
Summer Solstice - Friday June 19th through Sunday June 21st, 2020

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.”- Rumi

Our human family is crossing a threshold. Things that have been near and dear are dissolving within us and around us. An exodus is underway into a new land. The universe is calling out to do whatever it takes to merge unconditionally with the greatest force there is: Love.

May this gathering be a next step, for all of us, in the on-going process by which the Light of Love may shine unhindered through our living. It is this, and only this, that will bring resolve to the human drama and bring Blessing, Healing and Well-Being to our home, Garden Earth. 

We will do this with words.

We will do this with movement.

We will do this with song. 

 We will do this with silence. 

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Ted Blodgett: Is a 30-year coordinator and spiritual leader of Oakwood Retreat Center

and community near Muncie, Indiana, a point of Light since 1974. His interests include geomancy; the study of ancient earthworks; and the practice of energy healing, including people, animals, plants and the earth. 

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Debra Weisenburger Lipetz: Celebrates the “magic of life”.  She studied the ancient teachings of meditative movement and energy healing with Master Teachers.  Debra merges these wisdom practices with open heart, light and laughter touching the hearts

of all, allowing Inner Awareness, Joy and Knowing to naturally unfold. 

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Lisa Ferraro:  Is an inspirational speaker, gifted musician and spiritual mentor.  She uses her voice as a divine instrument providing guidance, allowing all to open to fuller more connected lives.  “Creativity is the language of one’s own heart as the infinite creator speaks to us in the silence of our soul.  I wrote a lyric to God, which sums this up for me. ‘Song of the soul.  Singing itself, back to you.”

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Natalia Zukerman:  Is an innovative musician, painter and educator.  Her open creativity allows individuals paths of self-discovery.  Natalia’s infectious laughter and personality, as part of the duo SeekHer7 with Lisa Ferraro, co-creates deep listening, respectful, safe inner traveling, and above all, boundless joy.  

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Master Yuantong Liu: Is a well respected teacher of health enhancement and
consciousness development programs throughout the world. He is a Master Teacher of
ancient meditative wisdom healing methods and his unwavering passion for helping
people achieve their health and life intentions, is infused with love.

This will be a ZOOM based event

If you do not have Zoom you can download it for free at: zoom.us

Connection details will be given out upon registration

BASIC SCHEDULE (all times are edt)

Friday 6:30 PM  - Welcome, Introductions, Contemplations, Reflections


Each session theme will be followed by a collective activity


Saturday morning

9:00 AM   Patience

    10:00 AM  Tranquility

  11:00 AM   Blessing


Saturday afternoon

   3:00 PM All Is Well

  4:00 PM Radiance 

5:00 PM Wisdom


Saturday evening  - 7:00 PM   Let Your Heart Speak (Q & A)


Sunday morning 

 9:00 AM  Music 

          10:00 AM  Meditation

11:00 AM  Love


Sunday afternoon  - 3:00 PM   Let Your Heart Speak (Q & A)


A pre-retreat meeting to get acquainted and to begin raising the energy for

the retreat will be scheduled for Sunday June 14 at 2:00 pm edt


A sliding scale contribution to participate is $100 - $300

Please give what you can below.

Registrations are due by June 13.

Or by check to:
Oakwood Retreat Center
3801 S. County Rd. 575 E.
Selma, IN 47383

We will send you a confirmation along with detailed information about the event.

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