The Fire Circle

The Fire Circle dates back well into the early 1990’s. Ben Blodgett placed the stones that form the circle according to the pattern he learned in his years of experience traveling with the Rainbow Tribe. Most of the original stones that Ben used to form the circle are still present.  Hard to say how many bonfires we have had over the years, but the number is likely to be in the hundreds. Oakwood residents and close friends typically have fires at the summer and winter solstice and the spring and autumnal equinox. Retreat groups are welcome to have us arrange a bonfire at an appropriate time during their stay at Oakwood.


The Gardens

Tending to the campus grounds has always been near and dear to us. It is a reflection of our natural tendency to co-create with the world of plants a place of beauty, grace and ease. We have our own style that is a mix of the wild and the cultivated, carefully combined and arranged into places that call you to “come and see”. We do not seek to be a botanical garden or any other type of garden that others have created in other places. The gardens at Oakwood have their own presence that fits this place and that’s really the point. There is a spirit of the place that we dress and keep.  You are warmly invited to come and see!


The Labyrinth

Megan Biner inspired the creation of the Labyrinth in 2015 and with the assistance of Steve Lange it came into form. It is a replica of the labyrinth in the world-famous Chartres Cathedral, although here at Oakwood, much larger in size.
The labyrinth reflects deliberate principles of sacred geometry, especially regarding the
numbers three (trinity, soul, divine) and four (body, earth, this world). These two numbers can be combined, symbolizing the integration of body and spirit, physical and divine. Added, they give seven and multiplied, they give twelve. Both numbers are important to the Chartres
labyrinth. You are always welcome to walk the labyrinth during your stay, in a group ceremony or in individual meditation. The Oakwood Labyrinth is registered by Veriditas and The Labyrinth Society and has a listing on their World-Wide Labyrinth Locator site:


The Maypole

Each year on or around May 1 the Oakwood Community has a Maypole Dance. Friends from the surrounding area come as well as any retreat guests that are here at the time. Some years we have two poles – one for the children and one for the children that have gotten older! This is a very special occasion that is full of springtime energy and the glory of Life coming forth!


The Peace Pole

Peace Poles originated in Japan in 1955. It is estimated that there are now over 200,000 worldwide. The Oakwood pole is 4-sided: the proclamation “Let Peace Prevail on Earth” is in English and Miami (the language of the indigenous people living here pre-contact); one side representing the plant world with leaves, berries, seeds, stems and roots and another the world of the animals with paw prints, hoof prints and

foot prints of our friends that fly in the air.

For more information
The World Peace Prayer Society


The Stone Circle

This spot on the hill overlooking the buildings of Oakwood has been recognized for decades as holding a special energetic presence; a place where you can feel an invisible force emerging from the ground like the wind blowing across your face this force cannot be seen but it can be felt.  Because of this, a circle was kept mown at the top of the hill beginning in the mid 1990's with an iron rod placed at the

center in recognition of what the earth reveals there.

More investigation was begun in 1998 to ask if there might be more information about this place that the earth might be willing to share.  After several years of careful listening and feeling, sometimes to through the aid of dousing rods, patterns of energetic presence began to show themselves.  In the summer of 2006, four stones were placed to mark the presence of two lines of force that had revealed themselves.  By October, more lines showed up and four more stones were added.  More followed and by the winter solstice,

what is now the outer circle was complete.

A few years later, it became apparent that an energetic blueprint had begun to show itself that was asking for an inner ring of stones so its presence could be revealed.  New energies were being drawn to be part of the circle.

A dynamic relationship between the body of the earth and the consciousness of human beings has been established in this special place.  We are happy to offer the experience that is available at the stone circle to all who are drawn to this place.

The World Garden

The garden began as a dream vision on January 21, 1992. Its purpose is to bring the world a visible manifestation of the Union we know with Divine Will in the form of an outdoor temple. We offer this garden to you for your pleasure. Please feel free to explore, meditate, pray, laugh, cry, play, chant, have a personal or group ceremony or just let your senses take over your otherwise preoccupied life while you are in the garden and enjoy the beauty.
Many objects and stones have been brought to the garden from others who have felt compelled to leave gifts and offerings. Please be respectful of everything in the garden.
Work is ongoing and will be for many years. Please forgive the fact that workers need to be present at times. You are welcome to give objects to the garden

expressing your sense of what it is you need to give.
Offerings of any kind are welcome that emerge from the innocent spirit of Love without thought of result. First and foremost, the garden is for you and all the World. Enjoy it.

These words were written in 1992. Much has happened since then and the garden has taken a bit of a back seat in the push and pull of what Life has brought our way. It is our intention to make its well-being a priority as we enter the years ahead. If you are so inspired to help out with this in any way, we would love to talk. The 1992 piece ends this way:

We absolutely trust that continuous Love. Radiation and Exploration in the Great Way will let the World Garden be a perfect creation in each moment.

Celebrate ~ Worship ~ Release ~ Create ~ Take Pleasure

The Earth is a Garden…… Offer Blessing