The Setting

Initiated in 1974 as an intentional community in East Central Indiana called Rainbow Farm, our 40-acre property has been owned by Heartland Spirit Network since 2014.  Oakwood Retreat Center was established in 1994.

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1974 - 1980
Rainbow Farm
1980 - 2005
Oakwood Days
The Return of Rainbow
The End of Rainbow

Oakwood Center leases the campus of Oakwood Retreat Center and the buildings comprising the Oakwood Residential Community from Heartland Spirit Network.  These two not-for-profit corporations walk side by side, complementing each other as parts of one whole:  the heaven and the earth.

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It might be said that Oakwood Retreat Center is in Heartland

The Place

Coming to Oakwood is like entering a different world than most are familiar with. Anyone who is energy sensitive feels this immediately. 

The land speaks, not in words as we know them necessarily, but in a language of its own, a language that unveils the humble glories of the earth that willingly show themselves here. In most places they hide from the crude and cruel world that has been created by humans.


Here, they are no longer held hostage, reluctant to interact. This rubs off on anyone who is ready to see and listen, who is ready to likewise show the glories that have been hidden away inside themselves. 


The world as we know it has its presence here, for sure, but there is something very different going on. The residents of the Oakwood Community invite you to see and feel this for yourself.


 Over time, we have co-created several outdoor settings that have asked to have their presence be with us on the Oakwood campus. We are grateful for the energetic influence of beauty, peace and well-being they provide. 

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The inheritance we have received from the earth is precious. Unconquerable Life comes forth in splendor and majesty!


The following is from an award Oakwood Retreat Center recently received from the Ball State University Council On The Environment for its commitment over the years in:


……“conveying to visitors with its presence that we do not have to travel to the Caribbean or to the Grand Canyon to experience the transcendence of the natural environment.”


We are extremely happy to have Red-tail Land Conservancy as the guardian of 117 acres of land we formerly owned, now known as White River Woods. Red-tail is based in Muncie, Indiana and is proof positive that people with vision and passion can really do something significant in letting the places where we humans live be kept safe and healthy for all creatures great and small.

The Sky Above

We are powerfully blessed to be able to clearly see the sky above in all its relentless variations.

On May 3, 2014 a cosmic event occurred in the sky above Oakwood that is called a Sunbow.  It is difficult to convey the awesome nature of this spectacle other than to say there was “before the Sunbow” and “after the Sunbow”. It brings the Assurance that All is moving relentlessly towards wholeness, that all that has been done to bring about a new world has not been in vain, that the sky above and the earth below are our powerful allies, that we all together are praying without ceasing. Here is what it looked like:


and here is the prophecy