Oakwood Center has held the vision of regenerative living since 1974. 

Initially a residential community, with a retreat center business added in 1992,

we continually seek to revive and renew our personal lives and community

by giving more than we receive, thus creating beneficial possibilities for future generations.

Oakwood Center is 

a host facility and learning community for individuals, families, and organizations dedicated to personal renewal and healing, 

artistic expression, and

community building.

We strive to 

preserve, enhance, and protect the biodiverse natural areas of prairies, wetlands, and woodlands on and surrounding our campus along the

White River.

We welcome others to share this rich natural setting for exploration and learning.

Programs offered at 

Oakwood are designed

to promote greater awareness of our

natural and cultural heritage, and encourage healthy, environmentally responsible lifestyles.

We invite you to Discover Oakwood and join us on this mission. 

Oakwood Retreat Center is a 36-bed facility set aside from the day-to-day world, 

offering retreat attendees space for growth, discovery and renewal.

Several meeting spaces are available on-site for group activities.

World-class meals are prepared and served in an atmosphere of loving awareness.

"Wonderful healing space!  
Great programs and the food is excellent!"


Kristy Dillon

"A tranquil refuge dedicated to nourishing the body and soul while reconnecting with nature inside and out, Oakwood is an ideal location for group events and personal retreats."

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Oakwood Center is a

Charitable Non-profit